Farmers are loving the proven benefits of the K-Line Speedtiller®

The K-Line Speedtiller® is a one-pass tillage tool designed to reduce your field preparation time and it’s delivered field-ready— no set-up required.  Call us for no-obligation demo! Fill out the form to get your FREE info pack that includes 2 informational pamphlets and a DVD of videos about the machine, plus a free 12-month AGWEEK Magazine digital subscription!

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  • Choose the roller that works for your soil type
  • Mix & incorporate crop residue for better harvest
  • Greater versatility—it can do primary & secondary tillage
  • Full soil cut out and disturbance—better seed-to-soil contact

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“I’ve been very pleased with our K-Line Speedtiller®.  It does a good job and leaves a beautiful finish on the fields.  Jeff at K-Line has been very good and is responsive when you call him.”
— Speedtiller Owner, Cut Knife Sk. Canada